Louise Lovell: Telephone 01600 780460
About Louise Lovell

I design and make mixed media and textile based jewellery with a strong emphasis on colour and texture.

I am lucky enough to work at home surrounded by the things I love providing me with the inspiration and passion needed for my work.  I’m strongly attached to the importance of continuity in life and place, which I try to reflect in some way in my pieces.  My starting point might be a childhood memory, a pattern on a jug, an old photograph or book, I like to use text in my work where appropriate.  Flowers occur abundantly in my life and subsequently appear across my work like an overblown herbaceous border.  I love the excitement of experimenting and the process of discovery which I think is why my work remains fresh. I have always loved making things and particularly working in miniature.  I am a self-taught jeweller drawing on many years of experience in stitching and knitting and have adapted these skills into creating my jewellery.

My jewellery is made up from a combination of hand stitched and moulded fabrics, many of which I design and digitally print and my miniature hand knitted flowers, beads and edgings.  I use a mixture of yarns for my knitting, some of which I have coloured using natural dyes. These are all put together with hand dyed silk cord or string, antiqued copper chain, pearls, beads and vintage finds to create unique one off pieces

Please don't hesitate to contact me, I love commissions as most of my pieces of jewellery can be altered with colour combinations, printed fabrics and the vintage jewellery I have available.  I am happy to use photographs provided by customers to create a completely personal piece, perhaps a pet, children or old family photograph.

Louise Lovell in her studio